Internet dating - Finding The One For You

Added 23/4/2012

Internet dating is about locating the one for you! Not the main one for anyone else. So ignore who your friends say you'll need...ignore what your family said is best for you. It's your life and never only are the choices your decision, whenever you make bad decisions you need to deal with them! Not your pals...not your loved ones!

So, locating the one for you is all about you!

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Are you aware what and who you want? Escape a pencil and paper. You need to make 2 columns;

Must Haves and Options. These 2 column headings are pretty self explanatory. The "Must Haves" are things and characteristics the person/relationship absolutely Must Have! They are deal breakers, not negotiable, it is absolute and absolutely nothing is ever going to change them.

The choices is the "wish" list. Fundamental essentials stuff that can take a "good" relationship and turn it into an "extraordinary" relationship! However, you can live without the "options".

While finding the choice for you, you will need to make reference to your lists often. When you receive emails from Singles, visit their profile and see when they match your "Must Have" list. If so, you should preserve emailing them until a relationship is made or you begin to discover things that aren't on your should have list. At that time, it is time to end the relationship.

finding the one

When you're browsing member profiles, make sure the Singles fit your "Must Have" list before contacting them. This will help you save a lot of time!

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